Product Highlights

One-Chip Drill

Solid carbide or brazed carbide one-chip drills
for drilling holes into closed plastic containers
without penetration of chips inside the container.
Only one single chip is produced, which is cut off accurately after the operation.
* patented *
Aluminium Drills

Power Alu Drill

Example of use: Drilling of AlMg3  dia 8 depth 12xdia – 96 mm (existing pilot hole 1xdia, coolant pressure 40 bars)

  • Cutting speed: 400 m/min
  • Speed: 15915 rpm
  • Feed rate: 8753 mm/min
  • Feed/rev: 0.55 mm/rev



3-flute drill with internal cooling


T-slot Cutters and Keyway Cutters

Solid Carbide T-Slot Cutters

Example of use: Milling of a T-slot Ø16x8 in C45

(rough-finished T-slot of 8 mm)

  • Cutting speed: 120 m/min, 2390 rpm
  •  Feed rate: 570 mm/min, 0.04 mm/tooth



Solid Carbide Keyway Cutters


Solid Carbide Dovetail Cutter







Inverse Solid Carbide Dovetail Cutter



Corner Rounding Cutters and Diamond-coated Cutters

Solid carbide or brazed carbide

corner rounding cutters




 Diamond-coated ball nose end mills and torus cutters